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December 25th, 2007

hiro256 @ 01:11 am: Why SO serious!?
I got bored late one night and decided to play with the left over make up that I had from Halloween. I didn't want to shave my goatee off so I Caeser Romaro'ed it and continued anyway. Mind you I couldn't find my camera and used my webcam for this. When the movie hit the theaters, I will be shaving and wear a vest and green dress shirt for the movie. A bunch of my friends wants to come with as my entourage. I will also bring a toy knife and a confetti blasting gun. Here are the pics below


Current Location: The batcave that is my room
Current Mood: artistic
Current Music: Suga Shikao - 19sai

December 18th, 2006

hey_joe42 @ 01:49 pm: Goth Night
So according to upfront, goth industrial night hasn't died yet at the coach.

in the december issue it has it listed for wednesday nights at the coach. Including this wednesday night.

Maybe I'll go.

December 8th, 2006

hiro256 @ 03:12 pm: Break open the chianti!

hiro256 @ 03:09 pm: Deck the halls... with your spleen!

So who else is going to see the new gorey xmas movie remake, Black Christmas? Man, I want a slay right XD

I also found this which amused me ^_^

and this XD

Current Mood: amusedamused

November 24th, 2006

hey_joe42 @ 07:13 pm: Where all my stuff is and maybe where i get ready.
Yeah so i saw a photo request on here.  here is my fulfillment.
I guess this is a cool feature.  We need more people to contribute.
I'm not sure if this is embarrasing at all.  But honestly, i went to college for 2 years, and just left my room the same pretty much since i was in grade 9, i worked on it all in highschool, and then just gave up, waiting for the day i move out.  So alot of this junk you'll see in the photos has expired and is covered in dust as well.
yeah alot of stuff.

But I guess that is the most exciting part of where i get ready.  Otherwise you'd just be looking at the floor, and believe me, this is probably the better one.

November 18th, 2006

morellen @ 04:16 pm: my stuff

morellen @ 04:05 pm: Pictures
Take pictures of were you get ready...bath room,bedroom...wherever, and the stuff you used...

morellen @ 03:37 pm: Anyone that cares should post pictures of stuff....i miss having thigns to look at

November 7th, 2006

goblingoth @ 07:06 pm: Calling all Zombies
On nov 17th all Zombies are requested to join us at the devenshire mall for the release of the movie "Night of the Living Dead 3D"! dress as your favorite Zombie and watch a good flick! Show times are not up just yet but were are going to aim for the 7 or 8 pm show. More info will be up as i find out. If your interesed respond to this so we can make a zombie count of all that can JOIN US! I hope we get a ton of ppls so we can have fun at a movie and walk as Zombies through the mall lol.

October 31st, 2006

hiro256 @ 01:49 am: Let the great deciding begin!
Ok, to have my plan work, we need a place that most of us can agree to showing up at. Somewhere that plays good music preferably and dark.

In Hamilton, there is a place called Absinthe where there first Thursday of every month is Cold Steel Thursday, where it is considered Goth/Freak night. We need to establish something like this, I'm not sure.

I hope I am not being too ambitous here.

Current Mood: determined
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